Next year’s film festival directors announced

Jacob Goodman

Max Cho ’15, Danielle Stolz ’15 and Marianne Verrone ’15 will serve as the student directors of the Harvard-Westlake Film Festival next year, visual arts department head Cheri Gaulke announced in an email May 4.

The three were chosen by Gaulke, visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley, visual arts teacher Alyssa Sherwood, performing arts teacher Ted Walch and this year’s student directors Molly Cinnamon ’14, Alexander Haney ’14 and Sophia Lopez ’14.

The three juniors were chosen from a total of seven applicants after submitting a five question application and being interviewed by the four faculty advisors and three student directors.

“The film festival is always such a fun and inspiring event, and I can’t wait to help make an already amazing night even more special,” Stolz said.