Teachers win cabaret contest

Enya Huang

Interdisciplinary studies department head and history teacher Larry Klein and middle school secretary Tim Smith won a song-identifying competition to increase publicity for the final performing arts concert of the year, “Lights, Cabaret, Action!” and received four concert tickets each in addition to their one complimentary faculty ticket each.

Performing arts teacher Rodger Guerrero hosted a competition among faculty to identify movie tunes.

Given a list of the event’s selections, all songs that have appeared in movies, participants had to provide the movie in which each song first appeared and what year the movie was produced.

The “friendly neighborhood, family contest” was posted on the faculty portal and lasted a week and a half before it closed May 21, Guerrero said.

About 25 faculty members responded to the competition across the two campuses, Guerrero said.

“[The winners] weren’t 100 percent correct, but I gave them an A,” Guerrero said.

The May 23-24 concert showcased some of the most influential songs in Hollywood, some of which were specifically written for movies.