La Femme club focuses on new project to promote feminism


Used with permission of Elizabeth Edel.

Alexa Zuriff

The La Femme club created a new project called Feminists of Harvard-Westlake this year.

“It’s a way for the student body to de-stigmatize the feminist movement and open everyone’s mind to feminism,” Elizabeth Edel ’16 said about the project.

La Femme focuses on holding discussions on gender equality at the school. Edel, Kamala Durairaj ’17, Kelly Riopelle ’16, Ryan Finley ’16, Shelby Weiss ’16, Tiana Coles ’16, Alitzen Villanueva ’17 and Sohni Kaur ’17 serve as leaders for the club.

“We just want to give people more opportunities to speak up and discuss in a healthy and positive way,” Weiss said about the club’s mission.

At the end of last year, the leaders got together to discuss ideas for the new school year and brainstorm potential guest speakers. Edel later came up with a spin-off of Humans of New York. She plans to go around campus to take pictures and will post the photos on the club’s Facebook page.