Website ranks school number one in California

Sabrina de Brito named Harvard-Westlake the Best High School in California on Thursday in a ranking of the top 14 institutes in the state.

The article reads: “Each [school] has unique elements, highly-qualified instructors and remarkably small classes ― you won’t see an unimpressive school on the list. [The list includes] 14 of California’s most prestigious, rigorous and notable private high schools that provide a top-notch education that will propel students towards success in academia and beyond.”

The article praised Harvard-Westlake for its eight-to-one student-teacher ratio, despite a body of approximately 1,600 students. It also pointed out that the school offers 27 different athletic programs, with 92 total teams including lacrosse, equestrian, water polo and fencing.

The school is also ranked number one on’s list of Best Private School Teachers in America. Harvard-Westlake ranked number three in Best Academics for Private Schools in America behind the Castilleja School in Palo Alto and the Harker School in San Jose.

“Such lists also make me wonder about the meaning of ‘the best school,'” Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said. “Schools are complex communities that aspire to individual and collective intellectual, moral and character growth based upon shared values, goals, commitments and norms of behavior. A school is ‘the best’ if those values, goals, commitments and norms of behavior are right for its students.”