Student releases HW Lost and Found app


Kate Schrage

Brandon Lim ’16 released a new app called HW Lost and Found on Sept. 24 to create an efficient way for students to report lost items and have them returned.

“I came up with the idea last year when I lost a bunch of things in a one-week span,” Lim said. “I thought, ‘Something needs to be done about this.’”

The app is available for students, faculty and staff at both the Middle and Upper School. Lim aims to create a more centralized and efficient method of getting lost items back to their owners, which depends on the growth of its user count.

“Once a lot of faculty have it, and once a couple hundred students have it, I think it will be very effective. Right now it’s pretty small scale,” Lim said.

The app includes a leaderboard featuring the students who have obtained the most points, which can be collected by logging on daily and helping to search for lost items. Top users will receive gift cards at the end of the year.

“I hope [Lost and Found] has that same lasting power [as iHW and the ID app] and can really make a difference at our school,” Lim said.