Assembly kicks off “I appreciate” campaign

Nicole Kim

Two teacher tributes from former students now attending Stanford University, along with the introduction of an “I appreciate” campaign, highlighted the year’s second all-school “First and Third Wednesday” assembly today.

President Rick Commons presented English teachers Jeremy Michaelson and Caroline Miller certificates of appreciation from recent graduates now attending Stanford.

Serena Davis ’17 and Ben Cooper ’17 from the Community and Character Committee introduced the “I appreciate” campaign, in which students and faculty can place notes on a wall in the lounge.

“[This campaign] is a small way for us to show our appreciation for the people around the community, and the committee looks forward to seeing the plethora of names on the wall by Friday,” Cooper said.

The Student Athlete Advisory Board also announced volleyball player Josie Treadwell ’16 and football captain Michael Mapes ’16 as the student athletes of the month.

Representatives from the school’s first a cappella group, along with members of the Math Competition Club and HW Go! Vietnam, encouraged students to participate.

Head prefects Hunter Brookman ’16 and Grace Pan ’16 reminded students to purchase tickets to attend Sports Extravaganza for free pizza on Oct 8 and to purchase tickets in the quad Thursday and Friday for Saturday’s Homecoming dance.