Cuba trip to require digital work

Lauren Kim

Preparations for the Digital Storytelling Adventure: Cuba trip led by Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke began with an information session held on Sept. 18.
The session, attended by both prospective students and their parents, went over the history and significance of Cuba as well as some logistics about the trip, which will be Jan. 17-25 during semester break. The cost of the trip is $5,385.
The registration deadline was Oct. 13, but 20 students signed up, and 10 more were already on the waiting list weeks before the deadline.
“When the students come back, it’s really nice because you can go to one place together, but everybody comes back and tells a different story,” Gaulke said.
Students participating in the eight-day trip will be required to sign a contract that compels them to engage in pre-trip preparations, including “webinars” that preview the history and modern significance of Cuba, and to create a digital project with footage taken during the trip.
“It’s not just a trip; it’s a trip that results in some sort of digital storytelling project. That could be a photo series, or something written, or a video,” Gaulke said.
Students can also use the trip to get credit for a directed course in the Kutler Center, she said.