Choirs from both campuses convene for winter exchange

Eshanika Chaudhary

The upper and middle school choir programs performed for each other at the “Winter Sing in the Bing” on Jan. 9 in the Saperstein Theatre.

They later sang together for all-women’s, all-men’s and combined choir pieces.

The first “Sing in the Bing,” originally intended to be a one-time event, was in 2009.

It took place in the spring, hence the original name of “Spring Sing in the Bing.”

Since it was such a success, middle school choir teacher Nina Burtchaell and upper school choir teacher Rodger Guerrero said that they decided to bring the program back for the spring of 2011.

During the last four years when the “Sing in the Bing” didn’t take place, the upper school students traveled to the middle school for a group number, which took place in either the winter or spring concert.

“The timing seemed perfect to do it again this year, especially because we didn’t get a chance to sing with the upper school at the winter concert because of the exams,” Burtchaell said, referring to upper school midterms being before winter break for the first time ever.

Eight different groups performed.

They later sang the Kenyan “Wana Baraka” together.

Additionally, all the women joined together to perform “S’vivon” while the combined men’s choir performed “Masters in this Hall.”

“Listening to all of the older choirs got me really excited to participate in the choral program at the Upper School,” Vocal Ensemble member and student Josie Abugov ’18 said. “The entire program singing together brought a sense of community.”