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Ian Mitchell King (center, partially obscured), registered sex offender, joined the Studio City Neighborhood Council on Aug. 16.
Studio City Neighborhood Council members resign
Max Turetzky, Assistant Opinion Editor • September 22, 2023

11 members of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC) resigned Aug. 21 after Ian Mitchell King, a newly seated councilmember, was revealed...

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    High Stakes: Closing In

    Seniors learn the outcomes after submitting their Early Action and Early Decision applications. While some students’ futures are set, other students’ are still up in the air.

    The All-Around:

    Walter* was accepted to Indiana University and Tulane University after applying to both schools Early Action, and he was deferred from both the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin.

    “I feel fine about getting deferred,” Walter said. “If I hadn’t gotten in to two schools already, I probably would feel differently, but since that’s not the case, I feel pretty confident.”

    Walter is very happy about his two acceptances and says that he would definitely consider going to those schools.

    Walter is still waiting to hear from the Univesity of California schools, University of Southern California, Emory University and Tufts University. His top two choices are Emory University and Tufts University because he likes smaller-sized schools.

    “I worked a little bit on those applications during the first week of break because that was when I was home,” Walter said. “I started a few of them before, so I wasn’t starting from scratch and was able to work more efficiently.”

    Walter possibly wants to play football at a Division III school like Tufts, but he said that sports in college are not really important to him, and it isn’t really on his mind.

    Overall, Walter is enjoying his senior year.

    “Nothing seems too hectic right now, and it kind of bodes well for next semester,” Walter said.

    The Artist:

    Blair* still does not have a first choice school, but over the past month she began to think a lot more about financing her education.

    “A lot has changed, because a lot of other factors have come in to play, because overseas schools are cheaper, but they aren’t as easy to get in to,” Blair said.

    Blair realized that going to a school overseas is at least $20,000 per year cheaper.

    Blair has narrowed her favorite schools to the Theater School at DePaul University, The Royal Conservatory of Scotland, and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

    “I just like the idea of Scotland,” Blair said. “LIPA is a really good school for me because I like how they like to interweave cultures, and I would like to work in the United Kingdom someday, and I would like an easy way to do that.”

    Blair does not know whether she prefers an American school to one overseas, and believes there are pros and cons to both.

    “Will you work after you graduate from school in the United Kingdom?” Blair said. “Being an American citizen you don’t really know, but that’s a risk that I’m willing to take. In the United States, I know I will get work.”

    Blair also wants to be close to her boyfriend from Ireland, who is applying to schools both in the United States and overseas.

    “Hopefully I will be able to get in to schools near him as well, because that is another big factor,” Blair said.

    With auditions coming up this month, Blair is performing her monologues for practically anybody who will listen, she said.

    “I’m a little nervous, but I am really, really, really excited to perform,” Blair said.

    The Athlete:

    Summer* was accepted to Oberlin College after applying there Early Decision and plans to run track there.

    “There was a whole decision on whether to wait later on for offers after the season, and I just decided to apply Early Decision to Oberlin instead,” Summer said. “The coach said he was definitely going to help me out there, so I decided to do it.”

    Summer is very relieved to be done but also thinks it is a little strange that the college process is already over.

    “I’ve been working up to this moment, and I feel like especially this first semester, I have been trying to get back on track with grades,” Summer said. “But now that everything is done, I feel weird coming out of that, and not having to try to go to the library and finish all of my work.”

    Summer’s parents were also very excited about her acceptance, especially since she quickly ended the college process.

    “My mom was like, done!” Summer said.

    Summer is so excited to start college next fall that she has already begun planning her dorm room.

    “My friend and I have been going to school together since third grade, and she is going there too, so I am very happy about that as well,” Summer said.

    The Brain:

    Seth* was rejected from his Early Decision school, Duke University and was deferred from the University of Michigan.

    “Neither one was what I was hoping for, so now I applied to 10 schools regular,” Seth said.

    Seth is applying regular decision to Cornell University, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins and a few other schools. Seth’s top choices are Carnegie Mellon and Johns Hopkins.

    “I’m not really sure if I want to do medicine, or computer science, or business, or something else yet, but those are my three passions right now, and those are schools that I can do all of them and try them out,” Seth said.

    Seth spent a lot of his break working on applications for those schools but submitted them a few days before deadline.

    “It was a lot of work until I finished, but it wasn’t super horrible, I just didn’t really get a break,” Seth said.

    *Names have been changed

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