Field hockey out of playoffs after first round


Phaedra Robinson ’17 defends the goal during the playoff game against Newport today. The squad lost 2-1. Carina Marx/Chronicle

Carina Marx

Varsity field hockey lost to Newport 2-1 today in the first round of the playoffs, cutting them out of the postseason tournament and ending their season, in overtime.

This has been a reoccurring situation. Teammates said earlier that they wanted to make sure they stayed playing at the same strong level and didn’t lose their lead. The team has lost to Glendora Sept. 29 and Bonita Oct. 6 in overtime as well.

Alyse Tran ’18 scored in the second half.

It was a very aggressive game, with many turnovers and possession changes. Claire Quinn ’16 and Mia Reilly ’18 had notable performances, both finding ways to get around Newport’s offense and getting the ball back on Wolverine territory.