Students donate blood in Parents’ Association event


Alec Winshel ’16 gives blood at the blood drive Friday. Credit: Tiffany Kim/Chronicle

Tiffany Kim

Students donated blood on campus today during an event organized by the Parents’ Association and UCLA.

They were able to donate blood from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Chalmers East and West.

“I just think it’s really unique that Harvard-Westlake holds a blood-drive, and I think it’s important that if you can give help in any way, to do so, and that’s why I did it today,” Zoe Baxter ’16 said.

Students received a free ticket to a movie of their choice and were required to stay ten to fifteen minutes afterwards.

“I think it’s wonderful,” volunteer Michael Blevins said. “We go to a lot of high schools, and a lot of the young adults donate a lot of blood, and it really helps our supply. It’s really good to see a lot of them giving back to society.”