Clubs advertise at Activities Fair

David Lim

Prefect Council’s annual activities fair on Sept. 24 showcased a record number of clubs.

Tables for each club were set up on the quad, and during break students signed up for those that interested them.

Clubs ranged from the Robotics Club to the Dungeons and Dragons Club, to Girls Learn International and the Happiness Club, many of which gave out free baked goods and candy to entice students to join.

“On the whole, Activities Fair is an example of the extreme diversity of interests that Harvard-Westlake students have and a great time for all the grade levels to come together as a community,” Senior Prefect Morgan Hallock ’13 said.

Maps of the quad were posted in order for students to locate clubs more easily.

In order to avoid large crowds of people in a single area, the tables of popular clubs such as the Fanatics and Peer Support were set up in open spaces.

KHWS also played music throughout the event, and the Fanatics quickly sold out of red T-shirts that featured a drawing of President Thomas Hudnut.

This year, for the first time, Prefect Council mandated that club charters be approved by a deadline.

The new deadline may have contributed to the increased number of clubs this year, Head Prefect Michael Wagmeister ’13 said.

New clubs were required to email their charter to Prefect Council in order to secure a table at Activities Fair. Previously approved clubs, however, merely needed to resubmit their charter from last year to be reapproved.

“Because Prefect Council knew that we wanted to set a harder deadline for charter submissions, we were better about publicizing the event and disseminating important information to the student body via email,” Wagmeister said.

“Ultimately, though, the sheer amount of charter submissions must also be attributed to the genuine enthusiasm of the individuals within the student body, who were eager to share their interests with others,” he said.