The Hub login page designed for one-time login

Jessica Lee

On the login page of The Hub a bold red sign warns against bookmarking the authentication page.

The sign was put up by Network Administrator David Hartmann and Web Manager Lillian Contreras after a glitch was discovered.

The Hub is designed for a one-time login only — the authentication page where students are asked to input their login information has a URL that is unique for that one session.

After the student has logged in, the URL and information about the authentication page will disappear. Thus, if students or faculty bookmark the login page, the web browser will save and try to access a web address that no longer exists.

Educational Technology Committee Chair Jeffrey Snapp first reported the problem during the second week of school when he repeatedly received an error message when trying to access the The Hub. Snapp contacted Hartmann, and they discovered that the issue had to do with the single-use URL that The Hub was designed for.

“This isn’t really a problem, rather an unforeseen glitch that emerged as more people began to use web resources in different ways,” Snapp said.

Instead of bookmarking the authentication page, students and faculty can save the URL of the home website that appears after logging in.

“I like to tell people to bookmark the destination not the journey,” Snapp said.