Taiwanese educators observe curriculum

Elizabeth Madden

Administrators from the Taipei American School visited Harvard-Westlake in September to study its curriculum and teaching styles on their way to an educational conference in San Diego.

The visitors from Taiwan sat in on classes on both the upper school and middle school campuses.

“The woman who runs Taipei American School wants it to be less like an American public school and more like a top American independent day school,” President Thomas Hudnut said.

Hudnut chaired an accreditation of TAS and visited their campus as part of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges program.

“It’s a very good school,” he said. “It’s quite similar to Harvard-Westlake in many respects but she wants to take it to the next step to be more like Harvard-Westlake.”

The head of the elementary division Catriona Mora of TAS visited classes at the middle school, including history classes taught by Stephen Chan, John Corsello and Tim Newhart.

Karen Moreau, curriculum director at TAS met with Director of Studies Liz Resnick and also observed Larry Weber’s AP English class.

“They were particularly interested in the depth of questions that our teachers were posing, the expansiveness of the answers that our students were giving and the vocabulary that our students were employing,” Hudnut said.

Harvard-Westlake has received many requests for visitations lately, particularly from schools in China, Hudnut said.

“[For] those that have some reason—those that are involved with us through the worlds leading schools association, those who are involved in a G20 group—we will extend ourselves.”