SYA representative visits language classes

Jessica Lee

School Year Abroad’s Assistant Director of Admissions Susanna Sprague will visit sophomore language classes in an effort to provide more information about the SYA program to prospective applicants.

SYA is a language immersion program that sends students to schools in countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Vietnam.

“My objective is to provide further information to prospective SYA applicants,” Sprague said. “My visit is a great time for students to meet a member of the admissions team and get started on their application process.”

SYA has a broad definition of prospective applicants.

“They are artists and art enthusiasts, captains of soccer teams and soccer fanatics, dedicated musicians and enthusiastic concert-goers, nationally-ranked athletes and people who enjoy a good workout at the gym,” Sprague said.

Applying students come from all across the United States and from a broad range of social and economic backgrounds.

“There are SYA students from farm communities in North Dakota and the hills around Los Angeles, pueblos in New Mexico, high rises in New York and every place in between,” Sprague said. “All these students are brought together by a curiosity to see the world around them and a desire to learn a new language and culture. SYA is a completely unique opportunity that I encourage every sophomore or junior to consider. It is a very small number of people who can say that as a high school student they studied, traveled and lived abroad for an entire year. After SYA, you’re at home in the world.”

Sprague and other foreign language teachers will be on campus to answer questions about the program and will be available during lunch.