School to no longer serve as April ACT venue

Hannah Cho

The Upper School is no longer a venue for the April ACT Test due to a lack of proctors. Instead, the school will host the test Feb. 6.

Students who planned to take the test in April will have to either move their test to a different time or choose a different location.

In November, the deans and Upper School Technology Center Director Chris Gragg made the decision to switch to the February test and contacted ACT before winter break.

Though there was no penalty for their decision, some students who had signed up for the April ACT at Harvard-Westlake had to pay a fee to change their location.

“I was looking forward to taking the ACT at Harvard- Westlake because I have taken tests there before, so I would be comfortable,” Izzy Wiesenthal ’17 said. “So I was kind of upset when I had to move it. It was kind of inconvenient, and I had to pay a fee to move it.”

While the school was originally designated a testing center for April, the test date coincided with spring break, and there was a shortage of faculty volunteers willing to oversee the test.

“Usually we need a staffing close to 30 people, but since it was the end of spring break, they didn’t want to give up their time,” Gragg said.

Although this problem has never occurred in the past, to avoid it in the future, the deans and Gragg hope to plan ahead to know how many proctors the school will be able to provide for the tests.

“It was a lot more difficult to find the appropriate number of proctors because it’s such a large scale test,” Upper School Dean Celso Cardenas said. “[For the future] it would be about planning ahead and looking at the calendar to coordinate those efforts.”

For the April ACT, there are 244 locations, including John Marshall High School, University High School, Inglewood High School and Imperial Valley College.

While the school is a venue for all seven SAT tests, the school only hosts three ACT tests a year.

The SAT tests were not affected by this decision, and the school will still serve as a venue for them.