School employs new athletics assistant


Julianna Hicks, the new executive assistant to the Head of Athletics, sits at her new desk in the athletics department, where she assists coaches and athletic directors. Credit: Claire Dennis/Chronicle

Claire Dennis

Julianna Hicks joined the athletics department full-time as the executive assistant to the Head of Athletics after working part-time for the girls’ and boys’ volleyball programs. She started the position Jan. 3, replacing Alyxis Trujillo.

As executive assistant, Hicks manages the front desk of the athletics department and performs tasks for the coaches and athletic directors, including assisting with scheduling and coordinating logistics for teams.

“[I perform] many of the behind-the-scenes responsibilities that allow our sports [programs] to run smoothly,” Hicks said.

Hicks graduated from California State University at Northridge in 2015 after playing on the women’s volleyball team there.

For the past two years, she has been head coach of the girls’ JV volleyball team, assistant coach of the girls’ varsity volleyball team and assistant coach of the boys’ varsity volleyball team. In addition, Hicks coaches the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy club volleyball girls’ 14-1 team. Hicks will continue her coaching responsibilities while working as an assistant in the athletic department office.

Hicks looks forward to merging her love of sports with her work with athletic administrators and other coaches, Hicks said.

“I grew up in a sport,” Hicks said. “I get to continue what I enjoy doing with people I enjoy working with.”