Testing schedule to remain the same

Claire Goldsmith

Midterm examinations will take place after winter break for the 2013-2014 school year, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said.

The Administrative Council considered moving midterm examinations from their traditional spot in the third week of January to before winter break. A faculty vote was largely in favor of keeping the exams after winter break.

“After considering various factors and consulting various constituencies the council decided to keep midterm exams in January,” Barzdukas said.

The Faculty Academic Committee may recommend that the testing calendar before winter break be abolished, FAC chair Kent Nealis said.

Currently, each department is allowed to give tests and major assessments only on certain days in the week leading up to winter break with the goal of easing the burden on students during a peak testing time zone.

The committee discussed eradicating the testing calendar after some faculty members questioned the effectiveness of testing restrictions.

“The question we asked is whether we were achieving our goal of reducing stress,” Nealis said, “I think most teachers and students would rather have tests after a unit is completed, so it could make sense to disperse with [the testing calendar].”.

Department heads will solicit further suggestions from teachers in each subject before FAC resumes discussion or makes a final recommendation on the subject to the administration.