Teachers from 60 classes showcase courses at Academic Fair in quad

Jivani Gengatharan

Students browsed courses for next year and spoke with teachers as part of the Academic Fair this past Monday during activities period.
Tables were set up on the quad for 60 classes.

Teachers were allowed to give students an overview of what their classes entails and answer questions on homework load, difficulty, number of tests and other details specific to the course. Students who are currently enrolled in the course or have taken the course in the past were also available to answer the questions of interested students.

To ease the scheduling process, students who wanted to take a particular course were able to ask the respective teacher to sign their scheduling form during the Academic Fair.

“I think it gave [students] greater insight into the expectations of the course and what sort of materials in the curriculum are associated with the course,” science teacher Walt Werner said.

Last year, Upper School Dean Beth Slattery, Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church, and Prefect Council teamed up to organize the first ever upper school Academic Fair.

The Academic Fair this year served the same purpose as it did last year, which was enlightening students to the diverse variety of classes offered on the upper school campus and allowing the students to get a different perspective of the courses.

Slattery hoped that students getting a better perspective of classes would result in fewer late schedule changes next year.

“Academic Fair was a great opportunity for students to be exposed to classes they wouldn’t normally consider taking,” Head Prefect Katie Lim ’13 said. “I also think students were able to get a much more personal vibe as to what each class has to offer as opposed to reading a couple of lines in a book.”