Assassin 2 debuts with new rules

Claire Goldsmith

More than 100 students have been “killed” in the second schoolwide game of Assassin, which began March 7.

The Happiness Club sponsored a second game after the popularity of the first, which took place during the last two weeks before winter break and involved 80 students. Club leader Kenneth Kim ’13 expected around 150 players to sign up for the second round, but the final tally was 211 “assassins.”

Since the last game, “there have been a few major changes, but the basic idea of the game is the same: be the last human standing,” Kim said.

In the game, each player is assigned a target by his point of contact, or PC. The player must sneak up behind his target and say “bang” while touching the target’s back to assassinate him. The assassin then assumes his target’s original victim.

For the second game, players can complete various challenges to obtain an immunity band, which will guarantee the wearer immunity for a day. Kim will tweet immunity challenges from the game’s Twitter account, @HWAssassin, along with the location of the next day’s safe zone. The size of a safe zone can range from one table or bench to an entire building, and any player standing in or touching the safe zone cannot be killed.

After complaints from teachers about players hiding in classrooms and disrupting their classes, Kim declared that any classroom where class is in session is a safe zone.

@HWAssassin will also update daily with death totals.