Wei to teach Chinese in Korea

Chinese teacher Binbin Wei will teach Chinese at Seoul International School in Wonju, Korea, where her husband will be a professor. She plans to leave during the summer.

Wei taught at Harvard-Westlake for seven years. She initially substituted for Chinese teacher Qinru Zhou, and was eventually offered a full time job. Wei taught part time in the Middle School and Upper School, but moved fulltime to the Upper School this year. She teaches AP Chinese and Chinese 2.  At Seoul International School, Wei will teach only Chinese.

“It has been very nice,” Wei said. “I really like the students; I like the school a lot. It has been very pleasant to work with all my colleagues and with all the students. It has been a very hard decision to leave the school.”

“She was my favorite teacher for four years and really enabled me to embrace the culture of another country so far away,” Davey Hartmeier ’14 said.

Before teaching at Harvard-Westlake, Wei had taught at a high school in Shenyang, her hometown. Wei is currently learning Korean in preparation for her move.

“I’m not scared. I’ve been to Korea once during spring break, and it’s really nice,” Wei said. “I couldn’t speak any of the language there, but I still survived so I think I’ll be ok.”

The school offers Korean lessons for foreigners, a class Wei will happily take, she said.

“Ms. Wei is such an amazing teacher, and we’re all going to miss her very much. We hope that she’ll be happy in Korea,” Victoria Yu ’15 said.