La Femme sells gender equality T-shirts


: La Femme club member Maggie McCarthy ’17 sells a “Mind the Gender Gap” T-shirt to Jacob Tucker ’17. The club tried to design a shirt that can be worn by both boys and girls to spread the message of gender equality to everyone on campus. Credit: Teresa Suh

Claire Dennis

The La Femme club sold T-shirts advocating gender equality Feb. 23-26 on the quad, selling out of the shirts a day before the scheduled end of the sale and taking orders for additional shirts.

Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas will have a pie thrown in his face at the next First and Third assembly by one of the students who purchased a La Femme shirt. Barzdukas agreed to being pied if the club members raised $1,500, a goal which they surpassed.

The sale of T-shirts for $18 each raised over $2,500. The club sold out of the first 100 shirts one day before the sale ended and then sold another 40 shirts on pre-order. The pre-ordered shirts were distributed March 2.

Students who bought a shirt received a raffle ticket for the chance to throw the pie at the next assembly. The winner will be announced at the assembly.

The T-shirt’s design, created by Alitzel Villanueva ’17, is based on the London Underground logo and is a play on the reminder in all Tube stations to “Mind the Gap” of space between the platform and the train.

“I think the T-shirts help push forward the message that La Femme is about equality and that it’s not that we’re just super pro-women,” founding club member and leader Sohni Kaur ’17 said. “We want everybody to be included and that’s why we came up with a generic T-shirt that even guys could wear.”

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to Linda’s Voice, a non-profit organization to prevent domestic violence.

Veronica Crow ’16, who is not a member of the club, bought a shirt to support the issue of gender equality.

“I think it is a really simple, not overly aggressive way of reminding people that there is a gender gap and that there are inherent inequalities in society between men and women,” Crow said.