Ensembles to collaborate in Europe

Katie Plotkin

Chamber Singers will tour Poland and Germany March 29 to April 9.

“I’m super excited,” Elizabeth Gaba said. “I feel like we’re such a tight-knit group already, and I’m really looking forward to getting even closer and experiencing Germany and Poland together.”

While they are in Poland and Germany, Chamber Singers will be performing and working with multiple choirs at many of the schools that they will visit.

“[I enjoy] experiencing new things through [my students’] eyes because they are always fresh, fun and excited,” choir director Rodger Guerrero said. “It makes me feel alive to see that.”

One of the many locations at which the singers will be performing is Auschwitz.

“We are actually going to try and create some beauty by singing some songs in Hebrew there,” Guerrero said. “I’m looking forward to all the music, and I’m looking forward to how life changing that’s going to be.”
Chamber Singers will be singing 15 songs in their concerts and exchanges throughout the trip.

“My favorite song is definitely, ‘Noche de Lluvia,’ mainly because the chords in it are so tight and intricate, and the lyrics are so passionate,” Gaba said. “I think we sound great on it, and I think it’ll sound even better in the venues we will be singing at.”

In addition to Chamber Singers, Jazz Singers has prepared five songs for the trip.

“[I look forward to singing at Auschwitz because] being able to see it and make music, something beautiful, in a place that has seen so much death and evil is really moving,” Abby Shaum ’16 said.