Anonymous student launches prom date-finding service on Facebook

Michael Sugerman

Sarah Shelby ’13 was skeptical when “Aych Doubleyou Prom” friended her on Facebook early last week.

She found the not-so-subtle pseudonym humorous, but was amused by little else.

“Whoever is behind this clearly won’t help anyone actually get a date to prom,” she said.

Shelby is one of roughly 200 members of the senior class who is now friends with the anonymous “Aych Doubleyou,” whose objective – realistic or not – is to take the stress out of prom season by playing matchmaker.

“Ultimately, the goal of this page is to help seniors find prom dates,” Aych said. “I know many people who are quite unsure of who they’re going to take, and the logistics of finding or asking a date. With my past, very successful ‘HW’ group, I know what’s necessary to effectively set two people up.”

Aych’s “services” require interested parties to submit what they are looking for in a prom date – anything from personality to physical appearance. The anonymous senior then essentially works as a dating service. Although Aych said that multiple people have submitted messages voicing interest, no prom dates have been arranged yet.

“What’s most significant is that I know our grade very well,” Aych said. “I don’t solely know individual people well, I also know the dynamic of our grade as a whole, which is key to establishing a conducive service. You must know your audience.”

Acknowledging that anonymity in a situation like this one may seem like a façade to simply get dirt on other people, Aych wanted to strike down doubts about the Facebook page’s intentions.

“Considering my past encounters of this caliber, I don’t think that people should think this is a way to gain intel on others,” Aych said. “Either way, we’re going to figure out who the prom dates are, so that’s not something that will remain a secret. At the end of the day, I just want to help my buddies out.”