Administration to excuse juniors from school intern service next year

Jake Pulier

Starting next year, juniors will no longer be required to fulfill school service. Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said the school did not need many jobs to be done.

“Before emailing and texting, the only way to communicate was with notes,” Bracken said. “Then email, texting and cellphones evolved and it hasn’t been needed as much. Also we used to do mailings for report cards comments which they don’t do anymore. Technology has made the jobs obsolete.”

She said there were 250 spots for 580 sophomores and juniors. So it just seemed like a more efficient use of time to cut it for the juniors.

“Cutting the school service program for juniors makes sense,” Alex Copeland ’15 said. “Most people including myself view school service as really nothing but a small waste of time as we really don’t have to do anything with meaning anymore. Most of the kids who do school service just check in and leave.”