Juniors vote in runoff for final Head Prefect candidates

Sammi Handler

Lexi Block ’17, Matt Thomas ’17 and Cate Wolfen ’17 advance to the Head Prefect Final Election next week, and the second male candidate is yet to be announced as juniors must vote in a runoff Wednesday between the other three candidates.

Two male and two female candidates will run in the final round of elections at a joint junior and sophomore assembly. Candidates delivered speeches in the primary elections Tuesday, after which juniors voted for whom they wanted to advance.

There was no statistical difference between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place male candidates, so juniors must vote for either Jordan Khorsandi ’17, Charlie Noxon ’17 or Simon Weisberg ’17 to run against Thomas in the final round. Wolfen and Block automatically went to the last round of elections since they were the only female candidates.

Weisberg and Khorsandi were the only candidates who are not currently Junior Prefects.

One male and one female candidate will be elected as Head Prefects with responsibilities including running Prefect Council and sitting on the Honor Board.

“They are not just the representatives of your class, but they’re the representatives of the school, and they have a vision of where Harvard-Westlake is now, and where Harvard Westlake should be,” Head Prefect Hunter Brookman ’16 said. “[Head Prefects help] lead the Prefect Council on a daily basis for achieving that goal of what Harvard Westlake can be.”

Candidates answered one prepared question about what they would do if Prefect Council was given $5 million for their annual budget to improve the school.

Wolfen said that while she has ideas of how, as Head Prefect, she could use the money to help improve the school, she would focus on fostering a thoughtful discussion among the student body to see what changes should be made.

“Because as I see it, we don’t need a $5 million grant to change the things we want to see changed on campus,” Wolfen said. “The phrase ‘penny for your thoughts’ doesn’t come from nowhere. Conversations aren’t expensive. As a Head Prefect, I would not only initiate this conversation, but make sure that it is an ongoing one by thoughtfully considering each of your ideas.”

Candidates also answered one unprepared question about why they want to be Head Prefect.

“I’ve run for a position on Prefect Council for every year that I’ve been here,” Khorsandi said. “This will be my third year in a row running, and that shows a lot about me and my perseverance and my persistence towards achieving what I want to achieve. And so, I’m running for Prefect Council because I truly want the position, and I know that I can make a difference.”

Elections for Senior Prefects will be in the next several weeks.