Students, faculty play games at first Festival of Spring


Business of Life teacher Rob Levin and science teacher Nadine Eisenkolb participate in a Frisbee throw on the field during the Festival of Spring Thursday. Credit: Nicole Kim/Chronicle

Alena Rubin

Community and Character Committee hosted the first Festival of Spring Thursday between fourth and fifth periods in an effort to build a sense of community and help students relieve stress before Spring Break, committee members said.

Students and faculty participated in dodgeball in the Taper Gymnasium, as well as three-ball soccer, kickball and tug of war on the Ted Slavin field. Other games included basketball in Hamilton Gym, Wii Karaoke in a science classroom and a Frisbee throw on the track.

Juniors and sophomores sparred in the different events, followed by seniors versus faculty. Winning teams competed in final competitions. Each grade was distinguished by the colors they wore. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and faculty wore red, white, black and gold respectively.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Sam Peacock ’17 said. “I think it really brings the community together, and it’s a great event overall.”

In-N-Out trucks offered students and staff free burgers and potato chips. The school provided chocolate chip cookies and other treats for free as well. Each student could buy one burger using tickets that faculty handed out.

Community and Character Committee, Athletic Director Darlene Bible and Assistant Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken had been planning the Spring Festival since November.

While some teachers and students had raised the issue of class time being shortened by five minutes to accommodate for the 70-minute long event, most said they appreciated the festivities.

“I think it’s going really well,” Kat Edmiston ’17 said. “I’m glad to see that everyone is having fun and enjoying the In-N-Out and various other foods.”