Four Yahoo employees discuss computer science industry

Scott Nussbaum

Four Yahoo employees visited the Upper School Friday to discuss their job responsibilities in the design and advertisement branch of all Yahoo-owned websites and experiences in computer science.

The Yahoo employees focused on their current project, which involves choosing which advertisement is most pertinent to a consumer’s interests. Additionally, they talked about their education and how they started in computer science.

“There are always new data, new signals, and new devices coming out,” Senior Director of Search Business Operations Carmen Palmer said. “The industry keeps growing so there always new problems to solve and ways to solve them.”

Each employee outlined their experiences and projects at Yahoo along with how they contribute to the growing computer science world. Additionally, the computer engineers explained life at Yahoo and how they relate leisure with work projects.

“It is all about tying your profession to your passion,” Director of Engineering Roy McKenna said. “We do not spend out entire day sitting in front of a computer screen typing code. Personal relationships are also a huge part of our job at Yahoo.”