Bake sale raises $370 for literacy camp

Nikta Mansouri

The Freedom School bake sale committee raised $370 at their first bake sale of the year Friday to buy the camp used books for the summer. They expect to be able to get 50 to 70 books.

The Freedom School is a summer reading enrichment camp for underprivileged children hosted at different schools. The program’s mission is to get children interested in learning so that they will eventually pursue a better direction in their academic careers.

“I’m so excited that our bake sale was so successful,” committee member Carly Berger ’15 said. “Our campers will be so excited about their new books.”

Berger, Garrett Cayton ’14, Katie Jones ’15, Rachel Persky ’15, Lauren Sonnenberg ’14, and Shelby Weiss ’16 are on the Teen Board of Stephen S. Wise Freedom School.

“We participated in Freedom School last summer for a few weeks each,” committee member Sloane Chmara ’15 said. “It was a great way to get community service, but it also just felt so rewarding to see the kids grow. You form bonds over education and playtime which is super fun as well as gratifying.”