Three fire alarms interrupt Playwrights Festival


The audience at the Saturday night playwrights festival evacuated twice after the fire alarm was pulled. Credit: Sammi Handler/Chronicle

Jesse Nadel

Performers and audience members attending the Playwrights Festival were required to evacuate Rugby Theater twice Saturday night after someone allegedly pulled the fire alarm three separate times, Playwrights Festival Producer Christopher Moore said at the event.

The alarm went off two times during the first performance of the night, “The 1997 Possession Park Massacre” by Jillian Sanders ’17.

The first alarm sounded around 8:00 p.m., and when the building was deemed safe, parents and students went back inside. They had to evacuate again 20 minutes later. The third time the alarm sounded, staff told the audience not to evacuate, and the show continued.

The show was delayed about 30 minutes.

Moore said security guards were searching for whoever was pulling the alarm.