New sophomore prefects elected

Hunter Brookman ’16, Grace Pan ’16, Shelby Weiss ’16, and Alec Winshel ’16 have been elected sophomore prefects for next year. The announcement was made on May 17 after candidates participated in a town hall and gave speeches in front of their class.

The prefects have ideas that they are hoping to introduce to the Upper School. Pan says she has worked along with Winshel and Cameron Cohen ’16 to develop an electronic ID card application for smart phones. If a student forgets his or her ID card, they can always use their phone to pay for lunch or items in the bookstore. They have talked with Head of Middle School Jon Wimbish, Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin and Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben about the possibilities of an electronic ID card.

“Although it might not happen overnight, Alec Winshel, Cameron Cohen, and I are very dedicated to our project and definitely think the goal is achievable and will be beneficial,” Pan said.

Electronic ID cards are not the only change the senators hope to bring to the Upper School. Relax and Recharge Day was initiated in the Middle School by Brookman and Weiss this year. Classes started at 9:15 and no tests or homework were assigned for that day. If a student was not able to arrive at the late time, a complimentary breakfast was served along with yoga activities early to start the day. “Obviously it’s a different ball game at the upper school, but we will try our hardest,” Weiss said on the possibility of introducing Relax and Recharge Day in the Upper School.

“I am really looking forward to working with the upperclassmen next year on Prefect Council, as well as leading in a new environment with different and challenging responsibilities,” Brookman said.