English teacher to depart from school after two years

Jesse Nadel

Part-time English teacher Mahshid Feiz ’92 will leave at the end of this school year.

For the last two years, Feiz taught English III: Living America.

One of the main reasons for her departure was the fact that she only held a part-time job, teaching one section of juniors, Feiz said.

“I have a very particular part-time job here, so I think the department felt that having the one section wasn’t going to work,” Feiz said.

Feiz began teaching part-time last year.

She said that balancing her personal responsibilities at home is a priority for her and another factor in her decision to leave.

“I think it was just I had a lot going on this year at home,” Feiz said. “I love teaching, love being here, love everything about the job and again I only have a small part of what everyone else in this department does, but I have a lot of responsibilities at home.”

Feiz said that her future plans include raising her children, fixing up her house and possibly having shoulder surgery. She also mentioned that she was considering a return to practicing law.

Feiz graduated from Harvard-Westlake as part of the Class of 1992, the first co-educational senior class at the school.

“It was amazing,” Feiz said. “I love Harvard-Westlake, always have. I always felt very connected to the school and the mission and believe in the students and the teachers. That combination I think is a valuable thing for me to have been able to participate in.”