Video art teachers conduct interviews with 10 juniors for next year’s film festival directors

Danielle Spitz

Video art teachers conducted interviews May 18 to select next year’s senior film festival directors, who will be announced this week. Ten juniors applied for the position.

“We’re looking for people that are very organized because there’s lots of things to manage, like the submissions,” Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke said. “We get over 200 films, so someone has to manage that process of judging. But we also look for people who have vision. What might we do different each year? The festival is long and established, it’s 13 years old, so what we do is pretty much set, but each year we try to grow it in small ways, so that’s what we’re looking for [with] the vision aspect.”

The number of film festival directors fluctuates every year.

“Last year we tried five [film festival directors], and we’ve never had that many, and we were a little nervous,” Gaulke said. “We thought maybe that was too many, but we found it worked really well. Two kids focused on social media, so we had more of a social media presence last year than we ever had before. One of them worked on the submission management, and the other two worked on outreach. We tell our candidates when you come in for your interview [to] think about what are your personal strengths and what role are you going to play in the festival.”