Vox Populi editors announced for next year

Sarah Novicoff

Katie Ehrlich ’14 and Jacob Pardo ’14 will serve as editors-in-chief of the 2013-2014 edition of Vox Populi.

“I’m very honored to be an editor-in-chief for the upcoming year,” Pardo said. “As someone who joined the yearbook staff as a sophomore, having no idea what to expect, I’m really proud to be where I am. To be able to follow in the footsteps of the kids who taught me is pretty cool. And believe me, [Ehrlich] and I have some huge shoes to fill. I thought our book last year was phenomenal in large part because of the work that our editors-in-chief put in.”

Ehrlich and Ravan will succeed Emily Persky ’13 and Alex Ravan ’13.

“The whole staff has been brainstorming next year’s book for weeks,” Ehrlich said. “We think we want this book to be more interactive, so everyone can be a big part of their book even if they aren’t pictured often.”