Yutopia Essex: Benefits Administrator

Kitty Luo

Yutopia Essex has joined the upper school as the new benefits administrator.
In her new position, Essex will be in charge of self-insured medical plans, the school’s flexible spending account, the student accident plan and worker compensation.
Los Angeles born Essex grew up in Cincinnati. She returned to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue her dream career in acting. Prior to working at Harvard-Westlake, Essex was head of human resources at Mama Shelter, a hotel in Hollywood.
Seeking a better way to manage her job and her personal life, Essex accepted a job at Harvard-Westlake.
“[This position offered] more of a work-life balance, I think,” she said.
Essex said she was first attracted to the school because of its extensive curriculum.
“I’ve never seen a high-school that has such an amazing curriculum,” Essex said. “It’s really more like a college, so that was really exciting.”
Essex said she is happy to be in a learning environment.
“I’m really inspired by Harvard-Westlake and the type of education it provides, so I was really excited to come on board as the benefits administrator,” Essex said. “Anything that anyone needs, I’m here for them.”