Laffite Lamberto-Egan: Math


Math teacher Laffite Lamberto-Egan. Credit: Kelly Gourrier

Laffite Lamberto-Egan, who recently earned his doctorate, became a new member of the mathematics department this year.
He will be teaching Advanced Placement Statistics, Introduction to Calculus Honors and Topics in Calculus and Statistics.
“[I will bring] an excitement for math. I love teaching, and I love math,” Lamberto-Egan said. “I’m really excited to get involved in lots of clubs that happen on campus.”
Lamberto-Egan competed on the Brown University Chess Club, captained the Brown men’s ultimate frisbee team and was a member of the Mezcla Latin Dance Troupe.
Lamberto-Egan is fluent in Italian and Spanish and has studied in Bologna, Italy, and La Coruna, Spain.
“I haven’t been the official teacher of classes larger than 15 students in a while, so I may have to learn as I go and change as I see fit,” Lamberto-Egan said. “My goals are to successfully transmit my joy of learning to the students, to get involved with some of the clubs on campus and just to become a working member of the Harvard-Westlake community.”