Adam Varney: Math


Math teacher Adam Varney. Credit: Matthew Druyanoff/Chronicle

Adam Varney has joined the upper school as a math teacher and will teach Algebra II with Analysis, Precalculus: Trigonometry and Functions and Introduction to Calculus Honors.

Varney attended the University of California, Santa Barbara for five years and earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in his time there. He was also a teacher assistant for several calculus courses.

Varney took an interest in math when he was very young and continued to practice throughout his childhood. Varney enjoyed how he could incorporate math into problems in life.

During elementary school, Varney’s father taught him math because he believed it was subject.

When Varney began high school, he knew he wanted a job related to math or science, so he took courses in high school to figure out what he wanted to do.

At UCSB, Varney also took up dancing. He went to bars to dance, and he gained an interest in line dancing.

Starting in college, Varney has line danced socially and competitively all around the country.

Varney is 23 years old, one of the youngest teachers at the school. This is his first job after he graduated college.

“Hopefully [my youth] makes me more relatable, and that way if they have questions about the college experience or high school experience, it wasn’t too long ago,” Varney said.