Fanatics promote golf ball scavenger hunt at assembly

The Fanatics unveiled a scavenger hunt in commemoration of the school’s 25th anniversary during this year’s first all-school “First and Third Wednesday” assembly.

Because the upper school campus was built on the land that was previously the Hollywood Country Club, the Fanatics are reaching back to its history by inviting the community to find golf balls hidden around campus. Students can exchange the found golf balls for school memorabilia at Assistant Director of Communications Shauna Altieri’s office in Seaver 212.

“The scavenger hunt is just another way to bring the community together,” Head Fanatic Rasa Barzdukas ’17 said. “This is a very special year for the school, and to celebrate, we want to bring everyone together. Community-driven activities are one of the many ways we intend to celebrate the anniversary of this school.”

Intended to bring the community together, the assembly also included announcements about the Playwrights Festival, comedy improv groups and the upcoming annual Activities Fair on Sept. 19.

“We never have an opportunity to bring the whole community together,” Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said. “I felt that trying to build character in our community has to start when you build the community. As a school, we thought it was a priority to bring the school together.”

Some students said they appreciated the message behind the assembly.

“When I walked into the gym for my first upper school assembly, I automatically felt a sense of school pride and community,” Sophia Genender ’19 said. “We were all together, listening to the same announcements and looking at the same wolverines sign.”