Actors to partake in workshops

Students in The Actor and the Stage I will participate in multiple acting workshops led by specialized teachers this September.

Each workshop will focus on a specific area of acting, such as having confidence on stage through humor, space work and expressing emotion without facial expression or speech, but all of the workshops reflect a broader theme of movement in acting.

The workshops are part of a series that will take place over the course of the first semester and will gradually become more advanced.

In previous years, students in the same class have participated in similar activities, but performing arts teacher Christopher Moore said that this year’s lectures and activities are more intense in quantity and more complex in terms of their content.

He also said that the workshop lineup is based on that of a summer acting intensive he used to teach, which included activities in 26 specialized areas of acting.

“Over a three-week period from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., they were going from one workshop to another, anywhere from yoga for actors to suzuki to stage combat,” Moore said.

Moore said that he hopes these workshops will help his students experience a wide range of techniques that will help them throughout their acting careers.

“They might be in a workshop that they go, ‘What does this have to do with anything?’” Moore said. “And then, they find out two years down the line, ‘oh, that’s why I did suzuki or that kind of thing.’”