Annual spring break trip to Spain now open for registration

Kristin Kuwada

Signups for the Spring Break trip to Spain will be available starting from Tuesday. Students will leave March 30 to Toledo, Spain and will return home on April 16.

Spanish teacher Javier Zaragoza planned this trip to strengthen Spanish-speaking skills and to broaden students’ knowledge on Spain’s culture beyond the classroom.

“I felt like the trip gave me insight about the cultural aspect of learning about the language and it was a big step up from Spanish III Honors where we didn’t focus as much on Spain’s culture,” Erin Lee ’18 said.

Students will visit large cities such as Madrid and Seville, and smaller cultural cities such as Cordoba. On the last weekend, the group will stay in Barcelona. Students will also receive individual and group lessons at two different language institutes in Toledo and Cadiz in order to prepare for the AP exam.

“We give the students a lot of freedom within boundaries,” Zaragoza said.

Alitzel Villanueva ’17 agrees and said she cherishes her experience from last year’s Spain trip.

“I think the highlights were when we were able to explore the cities by ourselves,” Villanueva said. “There was no one imposing knowledge on us and we could figure out for ourselves what was important to learn about the city whether it be the food or watching people dance in the streets.”