Cycling club rides in first CicLAvia

Angela Chon

The cycling club joined thousands of other cyclists to participate in their first CicLAvia event as a group.

Held Oct. 6, the eighth CicLAvia event since its  start in downtown Los Angeles in 2010, welcomed cyclists as well as pedestrians to ride or walk down typically car-heavy streets.

“A number of people have gone to the event before, but as a school organized event, this was the first time,” science teacher and club adviser Dietrich Schuhl said.

However, few students participated as it was held the day after Homecoming.  It was also early in the year and many senior members were working on college applications.

“It’s hard to expect a lot of people to come,” Schuhl said. “It’s a really laid back kind of thing.”

President Rick Commons and his family, Senior Alumni Officer Harry Salamandra, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts and her husband, Assistant Director of Admissions Melanie Leon, English teacher Chris Rutherford, Alumni Administrator Janiece Richard and her husband and parents joined Schuhl and members at 9:30 a.m.

They crossed a bridge over the Los Angeles River into Boyle Heights and then biked to the downtown Los Angeles arts district.

There, they ate lunch and hung out after the event was over.

“Our club met at a great bistro called Bottega Louie for breakfast and then headed out down 7th St. on our trip around downtown,” cycling club head Amiya Brown ’14 said. “We circled down to 14th and Central, the produce and industrial section of the city before doubling back and taking Spring St. into the heart of the downtown Civic Center.”