HW GO! showcases short films

Kate Schrage

Students who attended HW GO!’s Digital Storytelling trip to Guatemala created five short films, which they then screened at the Upper School.

The films were shown to an audience of friends and family last month. Mia Nelson ’19, Jonah Cho, Olivia Bautista ‘19, Elly Choi ’18, Dylan Ollivier, Esther Ollivier ’18 and Angel Hoyang ’18 conducted interviews, visited Mayan ruins and learned about the social, economic and cultural situations in Guatemala as part of the trip.

The shorts discussed pressing topics such as music, trash collection, education of children, abusive coffee production and discrimination against women.

Hoyang produced a film about the abuses in the process of coffee farming in Guatemala and the importance of being aware of where our products come from.

“At first, I was a little scared. I didn’t really know what to do,” Hoyang said. “But it was really the most world-changing experience I’ve ever had.”

Nelson was especially inspired by meeting the Starfish Impact girls, an organization which helps create opportunities for girls in Guatemala and helps them build confidence.

“The Starfish Impact girls that I met were so nice and driven.” Nelson said. “Seeing those girls change their lives and become the only person in their family to receive more than a sixth grade education was inspiring.”

The student producers of the short films aimed to spread awareness and give important issues a voice.

“I was really glad that the farmers had an audience,” Hoyang said.

Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke said she plans to have another presentation during October to allow students to view the short films.