KHWS announces broadcast schedule

Zoe Dutton

Student radio station KHWS released its DJ schedule today. Students will begin broadcasting in approximately two weeks, station manager Sydney Foreman ’14 said.

Though KHWS previously stated that it would accept a limited number of DJs due to the high number of applicants, all who applied for a show were given one.

“We wanted to keep KHWS as inclusive as possible,” Foreman said.

The club also added four Sunday time slots to accommodate the increase in DJs.


DJ Schedule:

Week 1 Schedule:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5 p.m. Jeremy Samuels Daniela Grande/Alex Grande Cayla Blachman
6 p.m. Jordan Brown/ Tiana Coles Monica Nimmagadda/ Bridget Hartman Alan Yousefzadeh/ Teddy Sokoloff
7 p.m. Henry Muhlheim‎ Lex Ladge Kevin Ho
8 p.m. Andrew Friedman/Mac Colquhoun/Michael O’Krent Shyan Zakari Aaron Anderson Jonah Blume-Kemkes Ale Marenzi/Hannah Kofman/Emma Lesher-Liao
9 p.m. Matt Karo Louly Maya Sydney Foreman Anser Abbas Zita Biosah/Rayne Peerenboom
10 p.m. Julia Kim Quinn Luscinski‎ Jason Park Aliyah Daniels Sam Schlesinger
11 p.m. Malcolm Neill Brooks Hudgins Malanna Wheat Ethan Weinstein Angela Knight


Week 2 Schedule:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5 p.m. Max Rolnick Daniela Grande/Alex Grande Amber Shooshani
6 p.m. Marc Shkurovich/ Jason Gabaee Justin Kang William Lee
7 p.m. Simone Woronoff/Scarlett Wildasin Ari Blut Oliver Sanderson
8 p.m. Andrew Friedman/Mac Colquhoun/ Michael O’Krent Theo Lee Imani Cook-Gist Alisha Bansal Sam Sachs/Bryan Polan
9 p.m. Miles McQueen Aiyana White Jordan Garfinkel/ Jacob Glaser Lauren Lee Robert Lee
10 p.m. Jono Klein Alex Thal/Jack Goldfisher Oliver Goodman-Waters Andy Arditi Nikky Mansouri
11 p.m. Kayla Shenassa Andrew Friendly Addison Abdo Steven Lee Jacob Byrnes