Rams COO discusses relocation with HW Venture


Students listen to Kevin Demoff ’95 discussing how he negotiated the Los Angeles Rams’ relocation. Credit: Sofia Heller/Chronicle

Sofia Heller

Los Angeles Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff ’95 spoke in the Taper Gym locker room about his experience negotiating the Rams’ move to Los Angeles Oct. 14.

Demoff’s talk is part of HW Venture’s Lunch and Lecture Series, in which students participate in discussions with alumni regarding past job and life experiences.

Demoff said he helped persuade the Rams to move to Los Angeles by giving a presentation on the benefits of the move to NFL team owners.

Demoff said that the way he framed his proposal highlighted the potential benefits for the NFL, and he advised students to present any future pitches in the context of why it is important to the audience.

“The biggest thing I took away from Mr. Demoff’s speech is that a pitch is only convincing if it connects to your target person or group on an internal level,” Jeremy Hecht-Arnall ’17 said. “The key to success is to show your audience why your pitch will benefit them rather than how it helps you. What is truly important about accomplishing this is to believe in what you are pitching.”

Demoff spoke to Business of Life classes last year as well.

“I think the idea of bringing in Harvard-Westlake alumni to talk about their life post-Harvard-Westlake is a terrific way to engage students as they contemplate leaving Harvard-Westlake and their next steps,” Demoff said.

Demoff said that he has enjoyed the process of relocating the Rams and said that he hopes students do not shy away from taking risks.

“For most of us who go through Harvard-Westlake, the goal is always on perfecting one step and taking the next step,” Demoff said. “Everything is planned out and linear. But most things in life once you leave aren’t that way, so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and put yourself in uncomfortable situations and grow from them.”