First Coffeehouse to be held later this month

Angela Tan

Students will perform in the first Coffeehouse of the year after school Nov. 28 in the Chalmers Lounge.

The event typically includes 15 to 20 acts with one to four performers per act. Performances can include songs, poetry and stand up comedy.

All students have the opportunity to perform, and sign up sheets will be released in the coming weeks.

Coffeehouse was created by Prefect Council in order to provide an environment in which students can perform in front of students and enjoy other students’ performances.

Students say they see Coffeehouse as an opportunity for them to practice performing.

“I want to be a singer and I learned this year that I need to start getting more practice performances in,” Natalie Kroh ’18 said.

There are usually two to four Coffeehouse events per year.