Commons addresses divisions due to election

Danielle Spitz

Hoping to rally the community together after students and faculty alike reacted with shock and fear to the results of the election, President Rick Commons sent an email to the student body addressing ways in which the school can remain united in a time of division.

“While it is important for us to welcome thoughtful political debate and to respect equally those who favored the Democratic candidate and those who favored the Republican candidate, language was used during this election campaign that is contrary to our school’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity and contrary to our insistence on gender equality,” Commons said in the email. “This has left many among us feeling worried, confused, and even unsafe.”

Commons emphasized that the faculty, staff and administration are committed to ensuring that the school is a safe and inclusive community for students of all races, religions, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations and abilities.

He also encouraged students to take initiative if they notice other students feeling unwelcome or unsafe.

“Don’t forget that you have the power to change things for yourself and for others,” Commons said.

Charlotte Weinman ’18 said she was glad to see the administration acknowledging current events and hopes it will inspire other positive changes on campus.

“I think it was a really considerate way to identify that current political events are bleeding into the social climate at school,” Weinman said. “Regardless of your political views, I think respect should be at the top of everyone’s priorities. But also I think a movement like respect and acceptance has to start as a culture int he student body, and it won’t be as effective if it comes from an authority figure.”