Prefect Council hosts festivities during assessments


Students pet a pug in the student lounge on Dec. 15. Prefect Council gave students the opportunity to play with the dogs to relieve stress resulting from mid-year assessments. Credit: Meera Sastry/Chronicle

Meera Sastry

Prefect Council hosted various activities for students during mid-year assessments. Complimentary açai bowls, a chance to pet puppies and a bell choir performance from the Activities Recreation and Care center were some of the activities hosted in the student lounge on Dec. 13 and 15.

Amazebowls catered the açai bowls during the break between the assessments Dec. 13.

“The açai bowls just seemed like a good thing to have between assessments to boost your brain power,” Head Prefect Cate Wolfen ’17 said. “It’s also kind of a novelty item that we hoped the student body would like a lot.”

The ARC choir performed as part of a long-standing partnership between the organization and Harvard-Westlake. The ARC gives opportunities to developmentally disabled adults throughout Los Angeles, and the organization often uses the campus for their activities.

“The bell choir is a tradition that’s come a bunch of years in a row,” Head Prefect Matt Thomas ’17 said. “They really enjoy coming and we really enjoy having them.”

Later that week, students played with puppies from Rescue Pug Nation LA in the lounge.

The puppies were an activity Prefect Council brought back from previous years.

“We’ve done dogs in years past, but it’s important to us that they’re rescuable, so we found this organization,” Wolfen said.

Students said that the opportunity to play with the puppies provided a chance to relieve stress resulting from the assessments.

“Having the pugs there made everyone feel a little less stressed because we all needed a break from thinking only about our grades,” Opal Lambert ’19 said.

Prefect Council brought the activities to campus in order to give students some reprieve from the many midterms of the week.

“We want the student body, obviously, during these stressful times to have a moment to relax and forget about finals and studying,” said Thomas.