Alumni speak on finance

Alexandra So

HW Works teamed up with the Future Horizons club to host an alumni panel on finance and investment management.

Janice Davies ’95 and Gregory Nathan ’98 spoke about their experience with asset management and answered questions about their experience.

Nathan is a managing director for the First Pacific Advisors, where he does analytical work, and Davies manages company portfolios as an investment analyst at Karlin Asset Management, which specializes in investments for individual investors.

“[Harvard Westlake] gave me a really good foundation,” Davies said. “Writing skills and speaking skills are very important in our industry. I was also on the Chronicle, and I think that my job is a lot like investigative research.

HW Works administrator Zaakirah Daniels ’10 and Future Horizons club president Eric Han ’17 set up the panel. The Future Horizons club has been working with students for three years to help look into careers and opportunities.

“Since I was little, people have always asked me ‘what do you want to be?’” Han said. “In sophomore year, I realized that a lot of other students are in the same position, so I set out to create Future Horizons, a club where HW students could learn about a variety of careers and fields together.”

In the past, HW Works has been focused on alumni mentoring and networking, but this is the first year it is helping students learn more about options beyond high school.

“By coming together, Future Horizons and HW Works form a complete organization that helps students learn about careers with the help of alumni,” Han said.