Babel urges students to submit work

Saba Nia

To spread literary art in different languages on campus, Babel, the Upper School’s foreign language magazine is officially accepting submissions for this year’s publication.

Submissions include poems, short stories, recipes, essays and photos.

“I think that [submitting to babel] gives you an opportunity to expand your ability to speak a language that you really get,” Sophie Levy ’18 said. “It’s definitely something different and really fun, and there’s really no harm in submitting anything.”

Students can submit pieces in languages besides the ones offered at the school, though most submissions are in Spanish, French, Chinese, Latin, Italian and German.

Previous issues have included works written in Icelandic, Arabic and Hebrew.

The editors said they would like to receive pieces in even more languages for this year’s edition so the latest edition will be more diverse in content.

All submissions must be edited by foreign language teachers and accompanied by an English translation.

Languages that are not offered at the school are recommended to be editted by an adult who speaks the language.

Foreign language students who plan to submit to the magazine said they would like to take the opportunity the publication provides to practice their language as well as to showcase their work.

“I love learning languages and I love to practice them,” Zane Grenoble ’19 said. “I take both Chinese and Spanish in school, so I want to get extra practice by submitting my work.”