Choir calls off spring Quebec trip

Sarah Lee

Due to a lack of student interest, Bel Canto will not travel to Quebec over Spring Break, Upper School Choral Director Eric Gault said.

A minimum of 20 students needed to register for the trip, but only two signed up.

The singers were supposed to go sightseeing and sing at venues such as the Ballisque Cathedrale.

Michelle Burns ’18, one of the students signed up to go on the trip, said students did not sign up to go to Canada because it was not promoted to the class until a couple of days before the deadline.

Burns also said that she is upset that she lost the opportunity to get to know members of Bel Canto that she doesn’t normally talk to.

“I was looking forward to becoming closer with everyone especially because I don’t know a lot of the girls, since it’s all three grades combined.” Burns said.

Gault said he does not hold it against his students that he had to cancel the trip to Canada, and that he looks forward to the year ahead.

“I am sure we will have an excellent term,” Gault said.